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Scholarship Show  - Continued 

Jacque Huss - Level 1 walk/trot western pleasure Reserve Champion

Northwest Emerald  - Circuit Champions

Kina Tavary  Level 1 Reserve Highpoint winner, Level 1 Western Pleasure, Rookie Horsemanship and Equitation

Lope On In - Circuit Champions

Anne Kennedy and Show Me The Honey -  Novice rider Trail 

Anne Kennedy and Dancing In My Sleep - walk/trot hunter under saddle

Deerageous and Genny - Novice Horse Trail and Trail Open

All American Quarter Horse Congress -                                 Kina Tavary and Pass The Black Gold, 11th NA Horsemanship/ 8th NSBA NA Horsemanship 


Congratulations to Rachel Mundell Amateur all around winner and to Hannah Way 14-18 all around winner at WSQHA's scholarship Show in Monroe WA. 8/2015

2017 Show Season

Silver Dollar Circuit Champions                                                                                         Rachel Mundell and Buster Browns a Star ​ - Level 1 Equitation                                              Kina Tavary and Pass the Black Gold - Reserve Circuit Level 1 Western Pleasure

Sun Circuit Circuit Champions                                                                                         Rachel Mundell and Buster Browns a Star - Reserve Circuit Level 1 Equitation                    Kina Tavary and Pass the Black Gold - CIrcuit Champions Level 1 Western Pleasure

No Silver No Sequins

​Spokane AQHA show                                                                                                         Genny Miller and Only Making Change - 1,1,4 Level 1 Western Pleasure                        Michelle Parker and Artifactuallyajet- 1,2,4 Open Hunter Under Saddle

Novice Championship West                                                                                                 Pass the Black Gold and Kina Tavary - Reserve Champions Level 1 Western Pleasure, finalist in level 1 Showmanship and Trail


2016 News....

Showmanship winners featured in these videos

2017 News....

2016 Show Seaon

Novice Championship West - Kina Tavary and Pass The Black Gold, 8th in Western Pleasure, Top 10 in Novice Showmanship and Finalist in Novice Horsemanship

Trophy Circuit - Circuit Champions                                 

Anne Kennedy, Level 1 walk/trot trail and western pleasure

Kina Tavary, Level 1 western pleasure and rookie trail

Congratulations to Jacque Huss on her 3 firsts in Level 1 walk/trot horsemanship and 6 seconds in her Level 1 walk/trot western pleasure

Camille Kennedy and Taylor Kennedy joined us in the walk/trot 11 and under classes and earned top placings in western pleasure, hunter under saddle and showmanship.

Scholarship Show - Circuit Champions

Anne Kennedy, Level 1 walk/trot trail Buckle winner

Kina Tavary, Showmanship, Western Pleasure and Equitation Buckle winner, Reserve Champion Level 1 Circuit Trail, Reserve Champion Horsemanship

2015 News....

Genny is now a POA carded Judge in 2018 .  In addition to her other judging cards Level 1 AQHA, ApHC and Catagory 1 NSBA.

2018 News....

Click on link to view Journal article by Stephanie Lynn about Pro Horseman Genny!

2013 News...

Results 2014 - Congratulations on all your success.

Moses Lake May 

      Rachel Mundell Novice and Amateur all around Champions!

Trophy Circuit May Monroe

      Lori Braunstein Circuit winner Novice Select SMS

       Rachel Mundell Circuit winner SMS

Oregon Summer Circuit June

      Hannah Way top 5 all around award winner, Reserve HMS, top 3 Western Pleasure

Region One Scholarship Show Monroe August

      Hannah Way All Around 13 and Under

       Rachel Mundell All Around Novice Amateur

Emerald Circuit Monroe September

     Rachel Mundell All Around Novice Amateur

Congratulations to Rachel Mondel and Buster Browns A Star on winning the WSQHA Novice Am. Hi-Point Saddle for 2014!

Congratulations to Lori Braunstein and Potential Zip on being a WSQHA Year End award winner in Showmanship and Western Pleasure

Photos from the AQHA Novice West Championship 2014



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Results from the Novice World Show 2013

Congratulations Rachel Mundell on her Reserve in Novice Amature Horsemanship, Rookie All around and Western All Around, and Third place All Around Amature.

Congratulations Hannah Way on your World Championship in Novice Youth Huntseat Equitation.

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Genny is a member of AQHA's Professional Horseman's Association and on the 2015 Wrangler Team

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Huge thanks to Robin and Jenny Frid for coming to our place and once again giving an amazing clinic!  We are so blessed to have you share your expertise with us. 

2018 Show Results

Silver Dollar Circuit

No Silver No Sequins

Spokane AQHA show

Level 1 Championship Las Vegas                                                                                          Rachel Mundell and Buster Browns a Star 3rd Level 1 Am Showmanship, 5th Level 1 Equitation and Horsemanship, 8th Level 1 Trail, 9th Rookie Hunter Under Saddle

CWQHA                                                                                                                                     Hannah Braunstein and Dont Skip the Player All Around Rookie Am.

Trophy Circuit

Oregon Summer Circuit  Champions                                                                                         Lori Braunstein and Potential Zip Level 1 Select Showmanship, Reserve Select SMS           Diana Smalling and Berry Good and Fancy Level 1 walk/trot trail                                            Diana Smalling and Lucky Posession Reserve Champion Level 1 aged Geldings

Bronze Classic

Scholarship Show WSQHA

Trophy Circuit

Congratulations ladies on your WSQHA awards. Jacque Huss won the Rookie amatuer trail and Amateur trail. Lori Braunstein was reserve in novice select trail  and select showmanship

Check out our show ring videos, new videos are added often.  Click on the link below for more information. 

2017 NSBA Highpoint  Level 1 Western Pleasure and Horsemanship!!!!

Kina Tavary and Pass the Black Gold

CWQHA Circuit Champions.                                                                                                       Buster Browns a Star and Rachel Mundell - Level 1 Amature and Amature All Around                 Kelli Snodgrass and Potential Advantage - Reserve Level 1 Amature All Around

Trophy Circuit Champions                                                                                                         Jacque Huss and Only Making Change -Rookie Am Western Pleasure and level 1 Select Western Pleasure​ 

Oregon Summer Circuit Champions                                                                                                   Rachel Mundell - Level 1 Am. Equitation  and Reserve Rookie overall  Highpiont                         Kina Tavary and Pass the Black  Level 1 Horsemanship, Western Pleasure and Trail                            Kina T and RRD Who Invited You Level 1 Showmanship

EMO Championships and Summer Celebrations                                                                         Kina Tavary EMO Reserve Champions Western Pleasure, top 5 Horsemanship top 10 trail

Show Your Colors  Tulsa Ok                                                                                                          Kina Tavery and Pass the Black Gold Level 1 Overall Highpoint 

NSBA World show                                                                                                                          Kina T and Pass the Black Gold 7th Western Pleasure Level 1 and 7th Level 1 Showmanship

Arizona Fall Championships Circuit Champions                                                                              Jacque Huss and Only Making Change multiple top 5 placings  Level 1 Western Pleasure                   Genny Miller and Only Making Change top 10 placings Green Western Pleasure                                Kina Tavary and Pass the Black Gold Level 1 All Around Winner.  Circuit Level 1 Western pleasure and Trail.  Reserve Circuit Level 1 EQ and level 2 Western Pleasure.  Top 5 circuit Level 1 and Level 2 Horsemanship and Level 2 showmanship

All American Quarter Horse Congress                                                                                         Kina Tavary and RRD Who Invited You Finalist Level 1 Am Showmanship                                    Kina Tavary and Pass the Black Gold 3rd Level 1 Am Western Pleasure, 16th Level 1 Am Trail, 13th Level 1 Am Horsemanship

2014 News... 

Huge thank you to Tim Kimura for coming to our facility and and sharing his wealth of knowledge with us.  We had a great time!